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Full Building Wrap, Antoshka Day Care Makeover

Antoshka Building Wrap
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Full Building Wrap, Antoshka Day Care Makeover

T he Antoshka Day Care makeover is by far one of our most ambitious undertakings in the history of our growing vinyl wrapping graphics company.  We took a plain industrial building in an industrial suburban setting and transformed it into something that pops out and changes the surrounding landscape.  Everyone for months has been speculating as to who did this huge wrap job and who really designed and applied it.

It was done by Drive Thru Graphics

We started by creating original vector artwork which spanned over 40 square feet! We designed it, we printed it, and then we applied it and transformed a plain building into a magic castle for children complete with kids playing in the grass, clowds, stars, rainbows and whole bunch of other happy stuff.

 Antoshka Day Care Makeover Part I

This vinyl will not peel or fade for years to come, specially formulated for outdoor use, this material is resistant to UV rays, weathering and other corrosion.  All digitally designed and printed, our ink sublimation technology is state of the art and gives the best results. Usually we are wrapping cars, bikes, SUV's  commercial and recreational vehicles, even boats. Now we have no problem doing whole building fronts as well.  For sure this is a real eye catcher, your whole building becomes an instant 24 hr billboard for your business and makes the property more unique and personalized. Each design we do is exclusive and custom tailored to each particular business. See some highlights of this massive and rewarding project.

We are not done with Antoshka Day Care Makeover. More work will follow on the inside. DTG can transform any living or working space, inside and out, into a friendly and lively landscape that can reflect and even change the atmosphere dramatically each and every time.  So why not join the future and transform your busniness into anything you want it to be.