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May 13, 2014
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June 27, 2014
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Blesk Cleaning Professionals Wrapped

Blesk Cleaners Wrap Featured
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Blesk Cleaning Professionals gets wrapped by DTG

Blesk Cleaning Van is a great example of a high end partial car wrap and custom reflective safety lettering job.

L et's face it, if you do not advertise you will never grow as a successful business.  A car graphic is a moving advertisement that works 24/7  day or night, and when parked.  I have personally doubled my business by wrapping my own beloved Jeep Wrangler. It looks cool and gets plenty of attention for sure. And the printed, laminated vinyl actually protects the original finish of the car. Completely washable and weatherproof, you vinyl car wraps and lettering can last for years and years without fading or peeling. UV coated, and durable, with the most vibrant colors on the market today.  Very easy to maintain, just wipe with a moist cloth and water. Because the vinyl surface is so smooth and slick,  all you have to do is just wipe the dust off and you are ready to roll. Relatively low price and quick turnaround time of a partial wrap made it very attractive for the guys from Blesk Cleaning

Reflective Media

We also add reflective lettering and graphics to the cars. Reflective lettering is great because it is very visible at night so that your advertisement and branding is seen day and night. Reflective graphics are also a great safety feature, making your vehicle more visible in low light conditions.

So we started with a nice plain and quite boring Mercedes Benz fleet extended cab...  After designing and cleaning it up, we were able to transform it into something very cool and attractive. Professionally designed custom graphics and lettering which are very easy to read and get right to the point.  This type of job can be completed reasonably quickly if we can settle on the requests of the customer. We have an incredibly fast turn around time with compromising quality. Our experience and a very skilled staff as well as the latest state of the art printing techniques make all this possible. Guys from Blesk Cleaning were very happy and brought in three more cars for us to wrap in the same fashion.

Vinyl graphics are becoming more affordable and everyone has embraced this great innovation that has been growing ten-fold in the past 15 years!  So Give us a call and join the revolution.