Car Wraps - affordable, practical, fun ...

D rive Thru Graphics car wraps are both fun and functional. They are great for 24/7 free advertisement of your business (not counting the cost of the car wrap, of coarse). We started as a car wrapping shop. We still love it and are still the best at it.

Let's face it,  all cars made today are painted in a few basic shades of blah. Meanwhile, just putting a few minor splashes of color or patterns on a car makes it much more appealing and pleasant to own and drive and show off to your friends and strangers. Case in point - Fiat Abarth. Notice how petroleum black skin, simple red stripe and a touch of same tomato red on the side view mirrors turn this cute but rather plain Italian beetle into menacing speed demon.

Unfortunately, only a few car manufacturers offer that kind of customization. Fortunately DTG has fun, affordable solution to the problem of painful factory paint uniformity. The solution is vinyl car wraps.

Car wraps vs. custom paint

C ar wraps are a great alternative to custom paint job and here is why. Car wraps are much cheaper than even the simplest custom paint job. The price depends on the size of the car and whether you want a full wrap or some subtle accents. In any event, it will cost you much less than a paint job. Car wraps are not permanent. You can peal the vinyl coat off any time you want without any damage to the original paint. Moreover, the wrap actually protects your factory paint from minor scratches, so when the time comes to sell the car it will look like new. Car wraps, if done right, last for years. Car wraps are designed in a computer by professional graphic artists and then printed on giant vinyl sheets, which are then applied to the car's surface. That means that there is no limit to how complex the design can be. Look at the picture on the right. This level of visual complexity can not be achieved by simply painting a car. Or may be it can, for about $50.000.

Show your colors to everyone

T hat brings us to another great way to utilise car wraps - promoting your business everywhere around the clock. Just think about it. You might have an air conditioning repair business, plumbing, roofing, satellite dish repair, cleaning business, pizzeria, mobile dental lab, furniture store, pharmacy. All these businesses involve cars for storing your equipment or making deliveries or whatever... So why wouldn't you want to have your info prominently displayed on your car for everyone to see. There is simply no better way to spend your advertising money. Drive Thru Graphics helped hundreds of businesses turn their cars into mobile billboards. Our artistic team specializes in adopting designs for cars of any shape and size. Visit our gallery to see some of the work we have done in the past. Drop us a line or call for a quote. You will not be disappointed.